Tesla has developed a new aluminium alloy for die casting of parts for electrical cars. Besides delivering high yield strength, it can also maintain a high conductivity.  This is backed up by a new patent application filed by the car manufacturer.

The materials team of Tesla led by alloy expertise Charles Kuehmann has created aluminium alloys for die casting. An extract from the patent of the car manufacturer reads like:

“It may be desirable to produce cast aluminium alloys with high yield strength such that the alloys do not fail easily while also containing sufficient conductivity for various applications. The aluminium alloys may be used in different automotive parts, including rotors, stators, busbars, inverters, and other parts. Current cast alloys do not well serve these parts the application of the parts. There remains a need to develop cast aluminium alloys with high strength, improved conductivity, and sufficient castability.”

A summary of the disclosure also reveals the following:

“The disclosed aluminium alloys are aluminium alloys with high yield strength, high extrusion speed, and/or high thermal conductivity. In certain variations, the alloys are pres-quenchable, allowing processing without additional subsequent solution heat treatment while not compromising the ability to form an aluminium alloy having high yield strength as described herein. The aluminium alloys are designed for use with casting techniques. Die casting is preferentially used, although sand casting (green sand and dry sand), permanent mould casting, plaster casting, investment casting, continuous, or another casting type may be used.”

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