Norsk Hydro is nominated for a Green Award in the category “Innovation of the year” for its technology pilot in Karmøy. The award ceremony will take place as part of the Green Tech Festival 2019 in Berlin, May 24.

“A lot of Hydro people have put so much effort into making the technology pilot a reality. They deserve this award,” said Head of technology in Hydro Primary Metal Thorvald Mellerud.

The technology pilot has been in full operation since June 2018 and “aims to verify at an industrial scale the world’s most energy and climate-efficient technology for aluminium production,” the company said. The technology will use 15% less energy during production.

“We are honored to be nominated and I hope as many as possible in Hydro will vote for us. The realization of the technology pilot is truly a team effort from all parts of the company. Colleagues from Neuss, Årdal, Porsgrunn and Karmøy have all contributed to the technology pilot and they deserve this award,” said Thorvald Mellerud.

The company said the technology pilot is one of six nominees for a Green Award in the category “Innovation of the year”. “Of the top six, two finalists from each category are selected by a jury, and a third will be selected by public online voting. At the jury meeting, the top three of each category will be assessed, and finally, the winners will be determined. The census is done together with TÜV NORD. Online voting by the public is open until 18 March.”

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