Chinese-owned Bosai Minerals Group Guyana Inc. is reportedly investing US$23 million as part of its expansion plan for Linden, Region 10, bauxite operations. The news arrived after Bosai made the announcement on Friday morning, March 1, which also said that this expansion would create additional long-term employment for the residents of the community

Per the report, Bosai has already commenced preparatory works for a new number 15 rotary kiln for calcined bauxite production. The new kiln and its auxiliary facilities are worth of US$20 million and expected to produce 170,000 tonnes of refractory A Grade super calcine bauxite per year.

According to the mining company, it is also financing a new number 16 drier and its auxiliary facilities worth US$3 million. This project is expected to produce 150,000 tonnes of sized chemical grade bauxite when complete.

These new investments will expectedly create 150 to 200 new jobs for locals. Currently, 600 Guyanese work at Bosai.

According to Bosai’s website, the company has ownership of over 200 million tonnes of high alumina and low iron bauxite deposits, and a bauxite reserve as such is unique around the globe in respect to quality and quantity.

At present, Bosai produces 1.5 million tonnes of metallurgical grade bauxite, 300,000 tonnes of refractory A Grade super calcined bauxite, 200,000 tonnes of sized chemical grade bauxite, and 200,000 tonnes of cement grade bauxite.

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